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It's September, and that conjures up so many different things. There are still a few warm breezes of summer to enjoy before the chill of Autumn makes itself known. But we don't want to let go of summer yet, so we can remember our vacation at the beach by making Creatures of the Sea. And, who doesn't love to garden in the fall? You can celebrate with the last edition of the BOM Bloomin' Barnyard plus Floral Surprise, which is still going on.

Labor Day brings fresh beginnings as the school year starts, bringing with it a new box of crayons, tablets, and sharpened pencils. Who doesn't love that? You can walk down those Pinwheel Paths in your memory the same way you used to walk to school.

September is also the unofficial start of the holiday season which quickly follows in the next four months. Excitement for some but not for all. However, for we quilters, it's National Sewing Month, National Courtesy Month, and Happy Cat Month, just to name a few. Then there is 911 Remembrance Day, Grandparent's Day, National Pet Memorial Day, plus Indoor Plant Day.

But why don't you take it To the Nines with Cheese Pizza Day and Chocolate Milkshake Day? Are you hungry yet?

There is also a Teddy Bear Day, which would be perfect for The Doll House.

There are so many fun and interesting projects to focus on and enjoy before the rush of the holidays. If you have leftover fabrics from your projects, don't forget about our furry friends. With the cold weather approaching, they will need Kennel Quilts. You can find out all about helping shelter pets at

Happy September, everyone, and I hope you have some wonderful new beginnings this month. Be sure to enjoy some pancakes on National Pancake Day, September 26.

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Pattern Sneak Peeks

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PatternWhat could be better than holding a pinwheel on a windy fall day? Feel like a kid again with Cheryl Quigley's Pinwheel Path. The blocks for this quilt are relatively simple. It is the layout that makes it look complicated.
PatternDrift among the shimmering sea grass and Creatures of the Sea and hone your fusing or stitching skills. Creativity is the key in making your version of Connie Kauffman's adorable new pattern.

PatternJoin Jaci Lawson in the Bloomin' Barnyard group on Needle Spot, a private online needle-arts community. by Jaci Lawson We finish this project with some creative quilting.

This project starts with the February 2022 issue and concludes in the September 2022 issue.

PatternJoin Bonny Peters in the Floral Surprise group on Needle Spot, a private online needle-arts community. Let's work with some Flying Geese.

This project starts with the June 2022 issue and concludes in the January 2023 issue.

Join Renette Opperman in The Dollhouse group on Needle Spot, a private online needle-arts community. It is time to make some gardens around our dollhouse.

This project starts with the November 2021 issue and concludes in the October 2022 issue.

Join Cynthia Passaretti in To the Nines group on Needle Spot, a private online needle-arts community. How about a square in the middle this month?

This project starts with the August 2022 issue and concludes in the April 2023 issue.

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Pinwheel Path
Made by Victoria R
Creatures of the Sea
Made by Nancy S
Pinwheel Path
Made by Patricia F

Pinwheel Path
Made by Theresa V

Kennel Quilts

TQPM Small Kennel Quilt TeamKennel Quilts team is a volunteer organization that is available when disasters strike.

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Michelle Watts Designs

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Poinsettia Mystery

Like the pretty potted shrub you get from your local grocer in December, the Poinsettia Mystery quilt by RaeLyn Boothe underwent much pruning and grafting before the beautiful "blooms" began to show. Though originally sewn from solid colors or fabric that "reads solid," you are welcome to make it your own with fabrics that make it sing to you.

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Dragon Tails

Precise tracing, cutting, and piecing are the secrets to making Cindy Mccoy’s stunning Dragon Tails table topper. But, don’t worry. If you’ve never pieced oddly shaped pieces, just refer to the Quilting Tutorials group.

Requiring only 4 fabrics, this project is also a great way to experiment with color. Make the tail from three analogous colors or try a triadic color scheme. Throw in a neutral for the background and you’re ready to go.

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Christmas Hearts Runner

The small amounts of fabric required for Christmas Hearts Runner make this the perfect stash-busting holiday project. Bet you can’t make just one!

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