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I recently took a stroll down quilting memory lane. I began at the current issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine and wandered back, one issue at a time. I ended up all the way back to the first issue I received in June 2015. I reread most of the editorials and reviewed all of the tables of contents. With nearly every issue, I found myself asking,"Why didn't I make that fabulous quilt?" I'd only been quilting a short time, so many of the beautiful quilt patterns were above my skill level.

For example, my Grannie's Leg quilt (in the photo) was offered as a series from July 2015 to February 2016. Of course, it wasn't originally called Grannie's Leg. It was called Grandmother's Legacy, a wonderful pattern by Karen Saari. Mine became the abbreviated version when I realized I was in way over my head after a few installments. In the end, I made the goal to finish the center section of the quilt and call it good enough. Now that I look back at the pattern for that beautiful quilt, I think I could probably conquer the whole project with very little drama. My confidence to try, as well as my sewing skills, have improved enough that I wouldn't feel intimidated by it, at least not much.

Who do I have to thank for the increased confidence? The Quilt Pattern Magazine. In the years since I became a subscriber, I've made dozens of quilts. Most of the patterns came from TQPM. I've learned so much from the gifted designers, staff, and pattern testers over the years. Thank you!

I encourage you to take a stroll through your previous issues of TQPM. Find a project you may not have had the confidence to try when you first subscribed and give it a go. In the meantime, I'm heading back to 2015. I have a date with a quilt.


Pattern Sneak Peeks

For a broader peek into the treasures between the pages of TQPM, purchase a copy of the current issue.

Join Cynthia Passaretti in X Marks the Spot group on Needle Spot, a private online needle-arts community. Let's cut all our fabric.

This project starts with the February 2023 issue and concludes in the August 2023 issue.

PatternAn exciting new pattern by Cheryl Quigley Half Square Mania goes together quickly. Your surprise bonus is the secondary patterns formed when your blocks are joined. Enjoy!
PatternWhether you are new to quilt piecing or you need to make a quilt in a weekend, Leaps and Bounds by RaeLyn Boothe is just the ticket. Almost sewn entirely with time-saving strip piecing, this quilt lets the fabric do the talking and comes together so fast and simply no one will guess you didn't fuss.
PatternHappiness is a rainy day, a quilt, and a good book. Books are like journeys to go on again and again. With Joan Bassett's Easy Save a Page Bookmark, you can return to the spot you stopped at and continue your adventure.

Join Cynthia Passaretti in To the Nines group on Needle Spot, a private online needle-arts community. In 1935, this block was called Squirrel in a Cage.

This project starts with the August 2022 issue and concludes in the April 2023 issue.

PatternCheck out All in a Row by Diane Christensen. Choose a favorite jelly roll and plant a garden that will last! You can easily change the color scheme and add a different simple applique shape to completely change the theme.

Design Challenge

Welcome to our Design Challenge! We will be making dynamic 9-Patch blocks using basic geometric shapes.

Foundation paper piecing (FPP) templates will be provided with which you can design 9-Patch blocks in 12? finished sizes. For some of the blocks there will be information for patchwork piecing. Part of this challenge is deciding how to make your blocks, so there will be no fabric requirements. You can choose your preferred methods to make them.
There are a total of 30 units. The design possibilities are just about limitless.

Join us as we challenge ourselves to think outside the box in creating dynamic 9-Patch blocks.

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Gallery Update

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Half Square Mania
Made by Ruth S
Easy Save a Page Bookmark
Made by Nancy S
Leaps and Bounds
Made by Victoria R

Easy Save a Page Bookmark
Made by Riya M

X Marks the Spot
Made by Victoria R

Kennel Quilts

TQPM Small Kennel Quilt TeamKennel Quilts team is a volunteer organization that is available when disasters strike.

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Electronic Cutters for Fabric

Electronic Cutters for FabricDo you use an electronic cutter in your quilting?

TQPM template pages are in PDF format readable by most electronic cutters.

Our designs require no tracing, no resizing, no separating, and no duplicating.

Join the fun! Subscribe to TQPM.


Michelle Watts Designs

Michelle Watts Designs

Reach over 14,000 quilters!
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Island BatikQuilty Box

Reach over 15,000 quilters!
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TQPM is Hiring!

TQPM is in search for a part time pattern formatter.

We work from home and assign our own hours.

The formatter documents patterns in Corel Draw.

If interested, contact us.

X Marks the Spot

The little poems that included X Marks the Spot and "Itsy Bitsy Spider" were used in fingerplays and were a form of entertainment and learning. This new pattern by Cynthia Passaretti adapts the poem, and with it, you can go on a treasure hunt with fabric. Enjoy!

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Simple Yet Elegant

When I first discovered quilting I was drawn to Baltimore Album quilts. There is so much detail in them that I knew they must have spent years in the making. I then realized that we needed a Baltimore Album pattern for beginning appliquérs. “Simple Yet Elegant” was born.

Use your favorite appliqué technique.

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Bon Voyage

Let’s have fun on International Quilting day (March 18).

Whenever I look at this sweet topper I think of sailing on the open sea. The blues of ocean and sky with a bright yellow sun just makes me smile. I can almost feel the wind blowing my hair and hear the seagulls calling. This would look great on a table with a nautical theme setting. Of course, any colors you choose would be great, too.

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