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Ooooo . . . don’t you just want to drop everything and try these Stained Glass Placemats by Isobel Meekins?

Cindy Mccoy brings us another of her sweet applique designs in the Flower Vine table runner.

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background quilt made by Julyn Watkins and quilted by Virginia Gore 
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Thank you so much for the link for my lost issues. Great customer service and great publication. I just renewed, even though early, so I don't forget and miss out on any of your greatness. - Terje G
I love the closeness that is found on TQPM. The Mystery Quilts, only one at a time from now on. ROFL. You all work so hard to make it fun. Thank You! - Rita
I wanted to send a quick note to say CONGRATULATIONS on a couple more outstanding issues of TQPM. Really enjoyed both issues! The article about Applique Overlay was very timely for me! THANK YOU! - Annie (Sep 2014)
Thanks again Cindy. Love this online magazine. So glad I ran across it one day. I am completely hooked. Want to do every project in them (as you can tell by my needing back issues).You and your staff are to be commended on doing such a great job - and at such a low price - and be able to access issues forever on our computer. WOW! Great job! Kudos to all! - Judy (Sep 2014)
I do hate gushing, but each issue just makes me want to run to my sewing machine and my fabric. The patterns are wonderful, the articles are always interesting and helpful and the BOM; well words don't begin to do them justice. Thank you for all of your hard work. Please know that this subscriber loves each and every one. Now I must run and check my stash for Grecian Stars. That one is going to be super fun. - Betty G (Sep 2014)
Thank you for activating my subscription. What a fantastic magazine! So very glad I decided to splurge yesterday as this magazine is inspirational and amazing "eye candy". Have a wonderful day and thank you again. - Susan B (Aug 2014)

This online magazine with full, printer-friendly patterns is the most perfect 21st Century quilters’ magazine with many patterns and great techniques taught . . . and it is monthly besides . . . and under $17.00. From Quilt Shops I paid double that for each of 2 patterns recently . . . Both I could have made from these magazine issues for no extra charge over the yearly subscription price. I have access to all the issues forever in a file on my computer . . . I can read the magazine for fabric needs when at a shop right from my phone, too. How perfect is that ?!! - Toni N (Aug 2014)

I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to subscribe. Your magazine is wonderful. The new BOM by Sindy Rodemayer is gorgeous, but then I'm a admirer of hers for a long time. Thank you for a quality publication and I look forward to many great hours of quilting. - Elizabeth G (Jun 2014)
I don't think I could make it through the month if I didn't have the magazine to look forward to each month. :) - Bonni F (Apr 2014)
I want to thank Cindy again for the above-and-beyond service she gave me! What patience! This group is THE best! - Claire C (Mar 2014)
As the years pass, I so look forward to each month and a new edition of TQPM. The story that Karen is writing signifies times that were much harder for men and women but the story takes me back to happy times when I was a little girl. Your magazine makes me feel warm inside which is contentment for me. Keep up the good work. Susan S (Feb 2014)
I would like to say how much I like your magazine and the contents. I like being able to go back to it and it is easy on the eyes to read. I am no expert quilter but I can understand what is being said. Ann H (Jan 2014)
I'm not a writer for the magazine but am a subscriber and just wanted to jump in and say that there isn't another magazine that packs so many patterns into one magazine. If you decide to subscribe it's a GREAT price and you'll find they are approachable and willing to answer any questions you have about the patterns, etc. Bonni F (Nov 2013)
Love the magazine and the May issue is full of so many full-sized quilt patterns! Thank You. I feel that any one of your issues is worth the yearly subscription price. Toni N (Jun 2013)
I didn't know anything about TQPM until Linda Franz mentioned it in her Inklingo blog. Since I frequently enter the ClubEQ Challenge, I was lucky enough to receive a trial subscription by participating in this month's challenge. I have only had a chance to glance at the issues I have downloaded but am impressed with what I have seen so far. I am sure I will enjoy my trial subscription and, more than likely, will subscribe when it runs out. Thank you. Beth B (May 2013)
I really love your magazine and the hands on that you take. I want to thank Cindy who personally called me when I could not get into Pattern Pastiche. Catherine J (Apr 2013)
Thank you so much! I travel all over the world in my work, and am on the "road" every week to some place on our "globe", so I am sooo happy to have this wonderful on-line quilt magazine "with me" at all times! Carrie B (Jan 2013)
What a fabulous issue August is. The making freehand curvy cut for a border is something that I really want to try and the instructions are wonderful. I've had a desire to learn to make a Celtic design quilt and what a wonderful surprise to see a pattern with great instructions. And finally the Dancing Man is such a fun pattern to use up my Halloween fabric from my stash ... and all this for $1.25 ... what a "steal of a deal" to be a subscriber. Susan D (Sep 2012)
I can print as much or as little as I need, want and save the rest for later. I love the fact that it is "green" friendly. I have already decided that I will not be renewing subscriptions to other quilt magazines. Most now offer the magazines on a disk at the end of the year and I will wait until then to see if I want to buy the disk. This One Magazine I will be renewing!! Deborah M (Aug 2012)
Thank you. It is pleasantly surprising and fun with the little extras you throw in. Thank you again. I love the magazine. It has something for everyone and I love the diversity of the patterns. Thank you again. Susan H (Jul 2012)
Love the first day of the month so I can read the new publication. Keep up the good work. Susan D (Feb 2012)
Can't wait for the next month to get here so I can see what is new and exciting. Let me also thank you for the article on color - being a somewhat beginning quilter that is always my first concern - what is hue, value etc from color to color. Your magazine is OUTSTANDING. I hope to enjoy many years to come your magazines. Mary S (Feb 2012)
I like the fact that this is online. It makes it so much easier to print the patterns I like and will use, and I don't have to worry about a lot of storage space. Deborah M (Jan 2012)
I love the fact that you go into such detail, giving helpful hints along the way for each of the projects you have in the various issues. I also enjoy the variety of articles, from simple to complex, to help with any level of quilting. Please keep up the excellent work you have done on this magazine, I open your newsletters the minute it appears in my email box. Thank you so much. Mary S (Dec 2011)
Thank you. I think it is obvious I love this magazine! I'm so glad I found it!! - Mary T
The magazine is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. Keep up the good work!! - Susan D
Hey what a great issue. You guys really outdid yourselves. Love this Mag!!! - Mary H
This is my first experience with a digital magazine too. At first I wasn't too sure because I like to "feel" my mags as I read them just as much as I like to touch my fabrics but I am thoroughly enjoying this magazine....heck, I can reach out and touch the screen..... It has been so full of information and the patterns are fabulous. Keep the issues coming. Thanks to Cindy for giving this to us. - Linda F
I have cut and made sheets before but always had the paper curl and it was difficult. I have just tried this method and love it. I will make a stack and have them on hand. Many thanks. It is a great magazine and perhaps a comments page would be good. (Reference to Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing in the June issue) - Jane L
I love getting my Quilt Pattern Magazine online so I can keep what I want and catalogue those items and then know where they are when it is time to use them. This is much better than having all those magazines hanging around and you don't know where that pattern is!! - Linda R
I wish I could just send flowers to you both for the wonderful magazine. It's a great magazine and so well done. I'm happy to be a future part of it! - Alice W
AWESOME. So glad to be apart in my little small way. - Sheree L
Awesome job! I love the magazine. It's so cool to have it online. Thanks again for the great opportunity to be in the inaugural issue. What an honor! I look forward to submitting more designs to you in the future. - Deanne E
What a wonderful job you have done with the new magazine. It all looks so professional. Super job! - Margaret B
Wowee! I'm impressed. TQPM is tons more than I ever expected. A first class act, group. And I'm now contacting all my fellow quilties to tell them this is truly the crème de la crème! Thanks so much. I have now only to decide which project is first. - Jo B
Rubbing hands together and dancing the "can't wait" dance ... Thank you! - Nancy P
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful start of my new year with the article in the magazine!!!!! I have studied it over and over and just absolutely am proud as a peacock about this accomplishment the two of you have helped me achieve! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I absolutely love the entire magazine! - Scott B
Thank you so much! I love the magazine and the great patterns! - Martina S
I can hardly wait to browse through and start a project. I'm amazed at all the extra bonuses to this online magazine. To be able to chat and get advice or tips on our quilting projects is terrific. You say that we can even share pictures of our projects. Thanks sew much. - Donna C
The magazine is awesome. I love that heart quilt especially, but the whole magazine is wonderful. - Micki B
I just wanted to let you know I had time yesterday to review my "NEW" magazine and it is awesome. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of purchasing a new type of magazine. The patterns are wonderful and so are the articles. Again thanks for all your hard work to put this together. - Lisa A

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