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There is an old saying, “April showers bring May flowers”, which is a variation of the c.1557 small poem,

Sweet April showers,
Do spring May flowers.

The poem is attributed to English poet and farmer, Thomas Tusser, in his writings: A Hundred Good Pointes of Husbandrie. Husbandry is the care, cultivation, and breeding of crops and animals.

In a time in which most people lived close to the land and didn’t have our modern-day conveniences or entertainments to see them through the winter, April was a welcome transition month when daylight hours became longer and people were able to be outside more. It held a hope of better weather to come for planting and pasturing the livestock. With this hope also came the spring rains that nourished the land for early blooms in May but also hindered any lingering outside in the freshening weather.

I am not sure our foremothers of the 1500s were able to use the longer daylight hours of the rainy days of April to ply their hand to stitching, but today it provides a perfect excuse to come in from spring garden prepping to work on small quilt projects between rain showers.

In this April issue, we have two great projects from two staff members, Barbara Chojnacki’s Row for Readers and Isobel Meekins’ Twirling Tulips. Nancy Scott created a stunning light and shadow batik quilt, Barn Raised Birds, and Linda M. Anthony provided us with Star Containers, which all of our quilt testers say is a fun and great weekend project. Each pattern is perfect for a rainy weekend in April!

As a gift to our TQPM subscribers, April Showers, a mini quilt or table hot pad, is available as a bonus pattern this month. To download your copy, log into your subscriber page and click on the link.


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The offset layout of Nancy Scott's Barn Raised Birds gives a wow-factor to the quilt. Welcome flowers into your home with Isobel Meekins' Twirling Tulips Table Runner.

Barbara Chojnacki's Row for Readers is this month's row in the A Few of My Favorite Things series. Create a fun table runner for the book lover in your life.

Linda Anthony's Star Containers displays multi-dimensional blocks.

BOM Updates

Complete Barbara Douglas' Botanicals BOM & Embroidery Workshop with the Anthurium Andre in Block 12.

Project started in the May 2017 issue.

Create a row of fifteen Rail Fence Pinwheel blocks in month 9 of Linda M. Anthony's Scrap-It-Up, Row-a-Month Quilt.

Project started in the April 2017 issue.

In Valerie Franzese's My Colorado Backyard, appliqué Steller's Jays for Block 3.

Project started in the February 2018 issue.

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Gallery Update

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Star Containers
Made by Karen K

Row for Readers
Made by Bonni F

Row for Readers
Made by Trinda T

Twirling Tulips Table Runner
Made by Kathy J

Twirling Tulips Table Runner
Made by Penny B

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