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At the time I am writing this, the world is locked down due to Covid-19. I hope by the time you read this, our world has returned to our new normal. I'm sure all of us will be more diligent with hand washing and using masks when we are ill. Throughout it all, those of us who sew made masks for those who needed them. We also continued quilting and bringing joy to ourselves and others.

This month brings the finale of the Buzz Saw Mystery. I love mystery quilts and am eager to see how my version turns out. If you aren't a fan of mysteries, you can now select the fabric and make your Buzz Saw quilt. We are halfway through both the Rustic Queen Mystery and the 701 Mystery. In another couple of months, those designs will be revealed.

Trellis Time is another of my designs that uses five 1-yard cuts of fabric. I hope you enjoy this pattern. Sue Beever shares a marvelous pattern with Railroad Crossing Table Set. There are multiple table runners and placemats from which to choose.

For the foundation paper-piecing fans, Mini Kaleidoscope from Amy Stirrup will be a fast and fun project. Autumn Entwined by RaeLyn Boothe is a traditional pieced project that would shine in many color palettes. The autumn colors are wonderful, but patriotic and other holiday-themed fabric would be great choices, too.

This issue also has excellent articles and a book review. It is no wonder our subscribers brag about the great value they receive with their subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

I hope you and your family are doing well. Take care,


Pattern Sneak Peeks

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PatternJoin RaeLyn Boothe in the Rustic Queen group on Pattern Pastiche, The Quilt Pattern Magazine’s private online quilters’ forum. Are we ready to make some Quarter Square Triangles?

This project started with the June 2020 issue and concludes in the October 2020 issue.

PatternThis Railroad Crossing Table Set has four placemats, four reversible napkins, and two different runners. Separate yardage is given for each group, giving you the option of making some or all of the pieces.

We are sure you will love this delightful set made with only two different blocks plus two borders. Pick your prints and coordinating tonals and get started making your own Railroad Crossing Table Set.

PatternTrellis Time is a delightful design made with two different blocks. Bonny Peters designed it using bright fruity colors on a white background, but it would also be great with pastels on a dark background. Just be sure to have good contrast of color or value in your fabrics to get the illusion of dimension.

PatternJoin Nancy Noah in the Buzz Saw Mystery group on Pattern Pastiche, The Quilt Pattern Magazine’s private online quilters’ forum. It is time to make our rows and solve this mystery.

This project started with the May 2020 issue and concludes in the August 2020 issue.

PatternInside a kaleidoscope, loose bits of material reflect off mirrors to create an endless array of patterns repeating around a central point in a circular design.

Amy Stirrup's Mini Kaleidoscope is aptly named. Although there are no curved pieces, a circular design appears to be spinning around the center. Paper piecing provides the precision needed to create this illusion.

PatternJoin Amy Stirrup in the 701 Mystery group on Pattern Pastiche, The Quilt Pattern Magazine’s private online quilters’ forum. Let's make some three-block strips.

This project started with the July 2020 issue and concludes in the October 2020 issue.

PatternWelcome autumn with this beauty!

If you want a quilt with plenty of "wow factor", this is the pattern for you. RaeLyn's Autumn Entwined has two elegant alternating blocks that result in a sophisticated design with lots of movement that will leave you wondering how she did it. It's actually pretty straightforward and only looks difficult.


It was suggested to me that quilters would love a block of the month that was all stars. So I started work on this design. Twenty star blocks were selected for this pattern. I am including some other bonus projects along the way that use fewer blocks. Pick any combination of the blocks to use or multiples of just one. It is up to you to decide.

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Simple Yet Elegant

When I first discovered quilting I was drawn to Baltimore Album quilts. There is so much detail in them that I knew they must have spent years in the making. I then realized that we needed a Baltimore Album pattern for beginning appliquérs. Simple Yet Elegant was born.

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Railroad Crossing Table Set
Made by Patricia F

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Eye of the Beholder

Michelle Watts Designs

Spring Crfeek Needle Art

Reach over 18,000 quilters!
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Island BatikQuilty Box

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Final Spin

Nan Baker's style really shines in this new Block of the Month (BOM) program. Composed of four different blocks, this BOM is sure to please. The piecing looks challenging but can all be done using the traditional stitch-and-flip technique.

Don't worry if stitch-and-flip is new to you. With the clear instructions and diagrams that Nan provides, you will master this technique in no time. For those of you who are familiar with this technique, you may learn some new tricks that will improve your piecing. In either case, you are sure to enjoy the process of making your own Final Spin.

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Quilting Weekend

The design of Let's Take A Spin, by Bonny Peters, is deceiving. The piecing looks complicated. Fortunately, Let's Take a Spin is composed of a single block with eight half square triangles and eight rail units. The construction is easy and quick so this may become your go-to pattern for both gifts and donations.

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TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team

TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team is a volunteer organization that is available when disasters strike.

TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team

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