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Welcome to November! In Arkansas, the air is cooler, the leaves are still falling, and the holiday season is fast approaching. It’s forever been a month of activity for me. Back when my children were teenagers, we said goodbye to fall soccer and hello to basketball. The transition from one sport to another continues to signify to me that the holidays will be here before I know it, and that translates to my having my holiday projects finished. Well, they all might not be “finished” but at least will be well on their way.

Each Thanksgiving for the past thirty-plus years, the grandchildren in my family gather at my mother’s house to decorate a little house as part of her holiday decorations. My father fashioned the house’s foundation from plywood to make it more durable for the season. Its frosting holds it firmly together. Decorating it is a labor of love for Mother and a time of glee for the children. The little house looks quite different each year in large part due to the age and expertise of the artists decorating it. All the same, memories are made in the doing.

Quilting projects are very similar. Many times, I find myself returning to a familiar block with a new colorway or technique while in others I am anxious to try something new. And with each turn, I learn and strengthen my quilting experience. This month’s magazine provides you with the opportunity for both. Whatever you find yourself working on, I hope it provides a fun memory for you much like the one my family receives in decorating that little house.


Pattern Sneak Peeks

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Deanne Eisenman's Sweet Season is an excellent choice to kick-start your winter quilting season. Couple the hourglass and framed squares blocks with a single colorway to make D'Amelio's Rusty Hinges.

Choose your favorite colorway and accents to achieve a simple impression in Veronica Norris' Illusion.

Make a quilt of love with Bonny Peters' and Joanne Maner's Xmas Stars of Love.

BOM Update

Eight blocks surround the center medallion of Selina Kuyp's BOM, Handsome Medallion. In month 10, create the Chain Link blocks to corner your quilt.

Project started in the February 2017 issue.

With English Paper Piecing, make the diamond segments for your outer border in Cindy Mccoy's Splatter.

Project started in the April 2017 issue.

Continue to strengthen your straight stitching skills with perle cotton in making the Abutilon Thompsoni for Block 7 of Barbara Douglas' Botanicals BOM & Embroidery Workshop.

Project started in the May 2017 issue.

Linda Anthony offers Scrap-It-Up, Row-a-Month Quilt, an 11-part ROM. Make a row of Four Point Star blocks this month.

Project started in the April 2017 issue.

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Holiday Projects

Check out all the holiday projects in past issues of TQPM! Only $5 an issue! You will get the holiday project and all the other patterns for that one low, low price! Purchase more than one past issue and get an even better price!

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Below are samples of TQPM's holiday projects.
Celebrate Christmas

Gift Wrapped II
Well Wishers
Christmas Baltimore
Star of Hope
Cathedral Window

The Cross Quilt
Christmas Charm
Christmas Stockings

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Gallery Update

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Made by Tomara R

Sweet Season
Made by Denise M

Xmas Stars of Love
Made by Amy S

Rusty Hinges
Made by Penny B

Sweet Season
Made by Eileen E

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