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January is one of my favorite months. Things are quieting down after the holidays and here in New England we may be blanketed in snow. It’s time to put dinner in the slow cooker, and hunker down to quilt! It’s a time to make resolutions which we often don’t keep. We can also look at the New Year as a time for new beginnings.

Do you make quilting resolutions as in “I will not buy any more fabric until I make at least three projects from my stash” or do you set goals such as “This year I will finally learn to free-motion quilt”? TQPM can help you with either.

This month we have Carol Dockery’s Spools Tote. Who can’t use another cute tote, especially one you can make from your stash? It’s perfect for carrying your stitchery with you. And if, like me, you are always looking to improve your machine quilting, I review a wonderful book by free-motion quilter extraordinaire, Lori Kennedy. Do you need help with your piecing techniques? Practice makes perfect, and Bonny Peters’ quilt by that name will certainly perfect your quiltmaking!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you have a choice of projects with a heart motif. Irish quilter Sandra Healy shares her Fluttering Hearts pillow, and our own Nancy Noah’s Cascading Hearts can serve as either a wall quilt or a table runner.

Here’s hoping 2018 is your best quilting year ever!


Pattern Sneak Peeks

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Create Nancy Noah's Cascading Hearts as a wall hanging or table runner. Accent your décor with Sandra Healy's Fluttering Hearts, a quilted, 3-D pillow.

The second row in our 8-month series, A Few of My Favorite Things, offers a cute row of colorful spools. Carol Dockery's Spools Tote is perfect for carrying your favorite projects.

Polish your piecing skills in making strip sets, nine-patch blocks, half square triangles, and Flying Geese in Bonny Peters' Practice Makes Perfect.

NEW! - Free Block Instructions

This month, we are making a Tulip block from TQPM's Simple Yet Elegant BOM quilt. This is an easy block and should not take you too long to complete. Let’s get started.

Designed by Cindy Mccoy of TQPM.

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NEW! - Ostrich Round Robin

"Come One, Come All" to the new exciting project being offered by TQPM's private online quilt community, Pattern Pastiche.

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Gallery Update

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Spools Tote
Made by Deb G

Spools Tote
Made by Stephanie P

(November 2017 issue)
Made by Dottie N

Fluttering Hearts
Made by Stephanie P

Spools Tote
Made by Dottie N

Spools Tote
Made by Sharon M

Fluttering Hearts
Made by Denniele B

Fluttering Hearts
Made by Zsuzsanna S

Cascading Hearts
Made by Susan S

Cascading Hearts
Made by Denise M

Cascading Hearts
Made by Keri B

Cascading Hearts
Made by Bonni F

Electronic Cutters for Fabric

Do you use an electronic cutter in your quilting?

TQPM template pages are in PDF format readable by most electronic cutters.

Our designs require no tracing, no resizing, no separating, and no duplicating.

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Reach over 18,000 quilters!
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Reach over 18,000 quilters!
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BOM Update

Complete Selina Kuyp's BOM, Handsome Medallion, with the addition of your final border. After that, all you need to do is quilt, trim, and bind!

Project started in the February 2017 issue

Gather your scraps to make a row of colorful Maple Leaf blocks in Linda Anthony's Scrap-It-Up, Row-a-Month Quilt.

Project started in the April 2017 issue.

In Block 9, use perle cotton and the free-motion quilting pebble stitch to add texture to the Gesner of Exeter leaf in Barbara Douglas' Botanicals BOM & Embroidery Workshop.

Project started in the May 2017 issue.

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Favorite Things Adventure

You do not what to miss this adventure series - it's a new one from TQPM staff. Join the Favorite Things Adventure group on Pattern Pastiche, TQPM’s private online quilters’ community.

Our staff members have designed a series of eight horizontal or vertical rows with the theme of A Few of My Favorite Things. For an entire quilt, make the row each month and set it aside. Then join the rows together any way you like. This is a great chance to use orphan blocks or bits to fill in and make the finished quilt uniquely your own. We encourage you to use your imagination and embellish however you like.

Join us at Pattern Pastiche and share your imagaination.

Happy Birthday TQPM

TQPM is 7 years old!

Don’t miss our Live Chat Party!

Date: Saturday, Jan 20 at 8:00 pm Central Time

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There will be door prizes!

Pattern Pastiche Groups

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Over the Rainbow Patchwo… Favorite Things Adventure
Over the Rainbow Patchwo… Scrap-it-Up, ROM Quilt
Over the Rainbow Patchwo… Cat Den Mountain Sampler
Over the Rainbow Patchwo… Botanicals BOM
Over the Rainbow Patchwo… Splatter
Over the Rainbow Patchwo… Handsome Medallion

Pattern Pastiche is a private online community.

TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team

TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team is a volunteer organization that is available when disasters strike.

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