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EditorialFor many years, the first week of August would find me in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, happily canoeing, backpacking, and portaging my way through this wonderful scenic area. While trudging up and down hills between waterways with a 100-pound Duluth pack on my back was not always the easiest task, it was one of those necessities required to enable me to enjoy the peaceful paddle across shimmering waters until we reached the next portage or campsite. Once back on the water, the sound of it lapping at the canoe or seeing it swirling around the paddles could become very hypnotic. The rhythmic and repetitive act of placing the paddle in the water and pulling could lull one into a place of tranquility and contentment.

The focal point of every camp site would be the fire pit. That blaze boiled our drinking water, cooked our food, dried our clothes, and kept us warm. Later in the evenings while gazing into the flames, we became entranced and thoughts of “what is happening in the rest of the world” were often diminished. Peace and solitude allowed for periods of personal reflection.

Backpacking, portaging, and sleeping on pine needle covered granite bed rock is now behind me. But finding that place of calm and reflection has not eluded me. Now I find it while working with needle, thread, and fabric in making quilts.

There is a peaceful solitude and rhythm when hand quilting that often leads to a time of meditation and reflection. Many a thought and prayer have been lifted while at the frame. There is something hypnotic as I listen to the sound of my sewing machine and move my hands to its cadence while quilting by machine. The repetitive act of chain piecing, turning units into rows, rows into blocks, and blocks into quilts brings satisfaction and a sense of wholeness.

All I need now is a blazing fire pit.


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The Kids UpstairsLinda M. Anthony's The Kids Upstairs features kite squares that make up the Jack block. Pluto Cushion Dressing up Pluto in his colorful coat and belt with three of his moon mates peeking out from behind is sure to bring a smile while creating Zsuzsanna Sziva's Pluto Cushion.

Easy-Peasy Baby QuiltVeronica Norris' Easy-Peasy Baby Quilt makes up quickly.

For the BirdsDeanne Eisenman's For the Birds wall hanging takes your deor from summer into autumn.

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BOM Updates

My Colorado BackyardAdd the Ram's Horns Knot and big horn sheepin this month's installment of Valerie Franzese's My Colorado Backyard.

Project started in the April 2017 issue.

My Favorite Mystery Redwork BOMJaci Lawson's My Favorite Mystery Redwork BOM offers ten months of embroidery with just a touch of mystery. Embroider presents in month 2.

Project started in the July 2018 issue.

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Quilting WeekendQuilting Weekend

Nan Baker’s Temple Gates is an ideal pattern to use beautiful Asian fabrics. Choose a rich focal print fabric. From the print, choose colors and prints that read as solids for the best contrast.

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My Favorite Mystery Redwork BOMMy Favorite Mystery Redwork BOM

Jaci Lawson's My Favorite Mystery Redwork BOM offers ten months of embroidery with just a touch of mystery. Begin this month with a rose.

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Gallery Update

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Easy-Peasy Baby Quilt
Easy-Peasy Baby Quilt
Made by Penny P
For the Birds
For the Birds
Made by Catherine D
For the Birds
For the Birds
Made by Kathy J
Pluto Cushion
Pluto Cushion
Made by Eileen E


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