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EditorialWhere does your quilting inspiration come from? A beautiful quilt hanging in a quilt shop – rows of fabric bolts – a hotel carpet – doodling on a piece of paper?

Traveling has always provided me with inspiring awe. No matter where I go – a walk in a local park, a desert hike, or across the ocean – what I see around me revs up my creativity and encourages me to begin designing a new project.

On a recent adventure, a few of the things that provided me with inspiration were rolling waves frothing with whitecaps, a blazing sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, an ancient door in Perugia, and a tile-lined water catchment-basin in Pompeii. These had my mind spinning. They had me considering the fabrics I have on my shelves, and whether I need to make a trip to a favorite quilt shop for further inspiration. Which do I begin with? An abstract art quilt in fiery hues or cool ocean blues or sun-faded pastels with accents of black for a geometric diamond design? So many choices - so little time.

Wherever or whatever inspires you to create, go with it, use it, and allow it to bring you joy in the beauty and peace that only creativity can provide.


Pattern Sneak Peeks

PatternPatternJoin this fun BOM Tangerine Kiss Sampler quilt by Veronica Norris. This pattern can be made with scraps, fat quarters, or yardage based on 42" wide fabric. Project started in the February 2019 issue.
PatternTemplates and step by step instructions make Cindy McCoy’s complicated-looking Crazy Lightning table topper as easy to piece as it is to look at.
This crazy-fun project uses two colors. Cindy provides yardage for two fabrics, but you may desire to mix it up a bit and use various scraps or fat quarters in the two colors of your choice to add additional texture and movement to the lightning bolts.
Pattern Creating eight half square triangles at a time makes Racing Lanes a delight to piece.
Penny Brien’s three color quilt sports only two blocks made up of nine half square triangles each. Alternate the blocks into six rows. Quilt, add the binding, and you are done.
Pattern Jaci Lawson provides her charming artwork for this ten-month, redwork embroidery BOM quilt called My Favorite Mystery Redwork. Rover is waiting for his owner to come home in block 8. Project started in the July 2018 issue.
Pattern Rose Smith joined the Galaxy Star block with an alternate large Half Square Triangle block to create a secondary star design in her Galaxy Star quilt.
Rose used a medium blue print, a pale yellow fabric, and an orange fabric as a pop of color. Choose similar colors or choose your own colors using a medium fabric, a light fabric, and a strong contrasting color to add the sparkle to your Galaxy Star.
PatternOne of the activities I remember from my childhood is making and delivering baskets filled with flowers on the first day of May. Some years the baskets were nothing more than a homemade paper cone filled with a few tulips and sprigs of bridal wreath spirea. Other years they were small baskets gleaned from rummage sales and filled with daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinth, and more depending on what was blooming in our yard at the time. When the baskets were filled, my brothers and I would take one to each neighbor’s front door, knock or ring the bell, and then run away as fast as we could. Tradition says the recipient was to give chase and kiss us if we were caught. May Baskets is a tribute to my childhood memory.

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Tangerine Kiss Sampler

Tangerine Kiss Sampler is presented in the February 2019 to June 2019 issues of The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

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International Quilting Day
March 16

If you thought Crazy Lightning (found in the February 2019 issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine) was fun to make, wait until you make Even Crazier Lightning.

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May Baskets
Made by Denise M
Empowering the Heart
(December 2018 issue)
Made by Shirley R
Nothing But Triangles
(January 2019 issue)
Made by Kathy J
(Started in April 2017 issue)
Made by Denise M
East Coast Compass
(October 2018 issue)
Made by Stephanie A
May Baskets
Made by Kathryn E
May Baskets
Made by Riya M


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New TQPM Staff Member

Lorraine WilliamsPleaese welcome our new TQPM staff member, Lorraine Williams. She will be helping us format patterns in Corel.

I have been sewing practically all my life. I started quilting in the late 70s when thin brown calicos were all the rage! Things got busy for a while with jobs and careers, but in the late 80s, I took it up again and immediately fell back under the spell of patterns, fabric, and thread. These days, I lean more toward hand applique and long arm machine quilting. (I've even earned a national ribbon or two here and there.)

I enjoy teaching others to hand applique, but I find that I am my most creative when standing at my hand guided A-1 quilting machine. Custom ruler work has become my favorite and I look forward to honing my skills even more. I prefer to work on my own projects and do not normally quilt for others outside of charity projects.Every once in a while a dear friend will tempt me with something challenging and I just can't say no. These collaborations keep things fun and exciting for me.

New TQPM Staff Member

Lorraine WilliamsPleaese welcome our new TQPM staff member, Kari Lippert. She will be helping us format patterns in Corel.

Kari began needlework early through knitting and crochet. Her first sewing project (age 6) was a doll dress (donated back to the Salvation Army once clothed). From ages 7 to 12, she embroidered a willow pattern tablecloth as her first serious project and the only thing (other than reading) she would sit still for. After completing a velvet evening gown and vest for her orchestral performances, Kari saw a Lone Star quilt pattern when she was 16.

Her love of stitching has taken her to master counted thread, crewel, needlepoint, bobbin lace, and tatting in addition to piecing and appliqué She has created hundreds of pieces, many of which have won first place ribbons. She enjoys teaching and has numerous ongoing projects, not to mention a sizable stash that she refers to as her "retirement plan"!

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