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EditorialDo you ever have one of those days? Well, I have one every time I have to write something. Not only is my spelling horrendous, I also have very colorful grammar.

Thank goodness for spell check. Or at least that was what I thought.

I love my spell check, but sometimes it lets me know who’s boss. I have had some very embarrassing moments when my spell check corrected a word that was not the word I intended.

I once posted to an online group about an upcoming workshop. We were going to make a flannel tote called Rag Time Tote. I sent the email to a list of 1000+ readers. I did not notice that my spell check had changed it to “Rat Time Tote”. That was just a simple mistake. No serious problem.

I will never forget the time when there were technical issues at my website and I sent out 1200+ e-mails typing “I am sorry for the inconvenience”. Well, that is what I thought I typed. My spell check was at it again. It changed it to “I am sorry for the incontinence”. Readers let me know immediately about the typo. How embarrassing. You would think that would be the worse it could get. Wrong!

I still turn red remembering the time I was responding to an online workshop about how we needed to keep our picture files small so we would have room for more pictures. I posted on the workshop blog . . . “Picture space is a premium so we have quotas”. Unknown to me, my spell check changed it to “Picture space is a perineum so we have quotas”. I had no idea there was a problem until someone brought the typo to my attention. I had never seen the word "perineum" before and had to look it up. I do not think I had ever turned so red. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear.

I usually get a word spelled correctly. I just need to make sure I use the right word!

So if you ever have an embarrassing moment, remember mine. I am sure I take the cake.

I am supposed to make the editorial about quilting, so login into your account and download your free Rag Time Tote pattern. You will find a link to it in the left side bar. Enjoy!


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For the BirdsSwim among the corals with a lovely mermaid with Mermaid Among Corals by Ivy Mukherjee Sen. Pluto Cushion Within the quilting world, a compass pattern was sometimes called the Windrose or the Compass Rose. Check out East Coast Compass by Bev Crouse.

Easy-Peasy Baby QuiltOver Easy by Bonny Peters uses only a single block. The color placement provides a different look.

The Kids UpstairsNativity by Connie Kauffman will add whimsy to your holiday decor.

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My Colorado BackyardA circle of five columbine flowers make up Block 9 of Valerie Franzese's My Colorado Backyard.

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My Favorite Mystery Redwork BOMRide in the sleigh with Block 4 of Jaci Lawson's My Favorite Mystery Redwork BOM.

Project started in the July 2018 issue.

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For the Birds
Made by Gisela C
For the Birds
Made by Carla C
Easy-Peasy Baby Quilt
East Coast Compass
Made by Amy S
For the Birds
Made by Kandy C


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