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May I confess? When my kids were in school, September was my favorite month of the year. They went back to school, leaving me six to seven hours a day of time, quiet time - no cartoons, no crying, no yelling, no arguing - just wonderful sweet time for me.

I knew plenty of mothers who cried on this day. They were lost. What would they do now all day long and no kids? As much as I wanted to scoff at them, I realized they loved their children. I loved my children too, but come on! With six hours a day at home alone, I could love them with a few blocks between us.

One of my friends and I would always mark the day on the calendar. Go to lunch. Shop. Visit. We did whatever we wanted to do! We were both quilters, but this particular day found us out of the house and sewing room and into the public.

A lot of us quilters are introverts. Spending all those hours alone in our sewing room only energizes us. How many times have you heard “How can you stand to be home so much?” or “Don't you just go crazy?” or “What do you do all day?”

Are you kidding? I made my home into a place I love to be. And no, no crazier than I was in the beginning. What do I do all day? Uh, I do laundry, vacuum, garden, cook, SEW, brush the dog, and find lost socks. The list goes on and on.

My friend and I cherished those days. It wasn't too many years later we both decided to homeschool our kids.


Pattern Highlights

Razzle Dazzle Wreath

Summer Breeze

Pie Squared

Quilt for a Lucky Boy
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Decorate your holiday table in style with Jaci Lawson's and Mary Fuber's Razzle Dazzle Wreath table topper.

In Pie Squared, Nancy Noah mixes appliqué and piecing for a fun throw quilt.

Kim Schaefer's Summer Breeze makes into a terrific full-sized bed quilt for anyone.

Easy-to-piece chevrons accent the modern design of Belinda Jones' Quilt for a Lucky Boy.

TQPM 2017 Virtual Quilting Retreat

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Date: Monday Sept 10 to Thursday, Sept 14, 2017

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Scrap-It-Up, Row-a-Month Quilt - New ROM!

Raid your stash with our new ROM.

Not having enough quilting fun yet? Join Linda Anthony in her new ROM at Pattern Pastiche, The Quilt Pattern Magazine’s private online quilters’ community!

This advanced beginner quilt is made almost entirely of the scraps you may already have in your scrap box. Linda also offers suggestions for using 18" x 21" fat quarters, 5" charm squares, 10" pre-cut squares, or 2-1/2" pre-cut strips if you haven’t established a scrap stash yet. Most of the patches are made with 2-1/2" squares, though one row of blocks uses 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" rectangles, perfect for using narrower quilt binding scraps. The pieced triangle border and one row of blocks will use simple templates. These patches can be cut from irregularly shaped 5" x 5" or larger scraps.

Click here to request a sneak peak of row 1!

Offer expires September 30th, 2017.

BOM Update

Linda Anthony offers Scrap-It-Up, Row-a-Month Quilt, an 11-part ROM. Use your scraps in Churn Dash blocks for this month's row.

Project started in the August 2017 issue.

Eight blocks surround the Center Medallion of Selina Kuyp's BOM, Handsome Medallion. In Month 8, make the setting triangles for your blocks.

Project started in the February 2017 issue.

Use English Paper Piecing to make half-square triangle units for the next border of Cindy Mccoy's Splatter.

Combine your embroidery and straight stitching to make the Passiflora Trifasciata this month in Barbara Douglas' Botanicals BOM & Embroidery Workshop.

Project started in the May 2017 issue.

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Seeking Project Designs

TQPM is seeking quilted patchwork designs for publication.

Sizes can range from wall hanging to queen-size quilts.

Our main need is intermediate to advanced projects, but beginner projects are also welcome.

We are always eager to introduce new designers to the quilting world.

Publication is planned for Spring/Summer 2018.

If you are interested, click here to visit our submission page.

Gallery Update

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Contact us to share your picture.

Quilt for a Lucky Boy
Made by Donna B

Quilt for a Lucky Boy
Made by Penny B


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