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Kites, a modern quilt design by Connie Kauffman, makes a perfect wall hanging.

Nancy Noah takes a simple block, Churning Churn Dash, makes a few rotations, and creates a fun, modern quilt.

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background quilt made by Maria Hrabovsky
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Contact us if you would like to test patterns.

Keri Blankenship

I learned to quilt from my grandmothers and returned to it seriously in 1998. I periodically test patterns for different designers including TQPM. Currently, I work part time and teach at my local quilt shop.

Penny Brien

I have been quilting for two years. Self-taught, I learn from patterns and YouTube videos. I have just completed my first pattern testing job for TQPM and loved the experience. I hope to continue learning new skills and garnishing new experiences with continued use of the TQPM patterns.

Kathryn Errante

I have been sewing since I was about 12. While raising my three children, I loved making clothes for them. In the summer of 2013, I started quilting when I retired from teaching special education (after 35 years). I love learning all the new skills that quilting brings. I also love to hand embroider and combine those techniques into my quilts. I am so grateful to have found TQPM and their Pattern Pastiche group. It's an honor to test patterns for them.

Bonni Feltz

I have been testing for TQPM since 2012 and love it. I am a self-taught quilter and learned how to quilt from magazines and the internet using card tables for my cutting and sewing. TQPM has played an important part in my growth as a quilter.

Joanne Maner

I started quilting in March 2006 when I joined a guild. In September of that year, I entered five quilts in our guild show and won my first blue ribbon. I started testing for TQPM in 2014 and love the entire process. Quilting is my passion; fabric and patterns, my inspiration.

Denise Mohler

I started quilting in 2001 when I took a class and fell in love with quilting. I worked for a quilt shop for about nine years. In June 2015, I joined TQPM and Pattern Pastiche. In July 2015, I signed up for my first test quilt and I was hooked. I love being a tester.

Dottie Newkirk

I always admired my Grandmother's quilts and decided when I "retired" in 1994, I would start quilting. My first quilting experiences were drafting my patterns and hand piecing as well as hand quilting. I quickly decided to machine piece and quilt (or send out) because there were too many projects I wanted to do and not enough time to do them. I am enjoying my quilting adventure and definitely enjoy testing the patterns for TQPM.

Nancy Noah

I have been quilting for over 30 years and testing patterns for TQPM since 2010. One of the things I like about pattern testing is trying new techniques and making quilts from designs and colors that have been outside my normal comfort zone. I like working with the technical aspects of quilt making.

Veronica Norris

I used to be a pony breeder/trainer, but in 2009 we had to sell all the ponies and move. Without them, I was getting bored and needed a hobby. I remembered learning how to quilt with my grandmother when I was very young. In May 2013, I returned to quilting. I am self taught from quilting books and magazines. I jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back. I love being able to create using fabric. I also design with the help of EQ7.

Bonny Peters

I started quilting in 2012 on a whim and quickly became addicted to the myriad of fabrics available. I haven't settled on a favorite technique yet, although I'm still trying out everything that does not involve hand work. Full retirement started in June 2013, so I have plenty of time to devote to it. I'm slowly learning free motion quilting since I don't want to spend fabric money to either have someone else do the quilting or have someone else complete my projects.

Zsuzsanna Sziva

I started quilting in 2013 when I took a class in flush (heat of the moment). I was hooked immediately. In March 2016 I bumped into the possibility of testing for TQPM. It was the On a Wing pattern with vizslas and ducks - a perfect pattern for my father-in-law. Since then I am in love not only quilting but also testing too



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