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Within the quilting world, a compass pattern was sometimes called the Windrose or the Compass Rose. Check out East Coast Compass by Bev Crouse.

Over Easy by Bonny Peters uses only a single block. The color placement provides a different look.

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Linda Anthony (issue 8/2018)

I received my first quilt for a doll when I was 5 years old and I still have that quilt. I also received my first sewing machine that year. My parents encouraged all my sewing and craft ideas. Years later I saw an aunt's quilts and vowed that someday I would make quilts also. I made my first quilt when I was 15 and have been making quilts since. I started long-arm quilting in 1999. When I make quilts, I just start cutting and sewing. I get inspired by a piece of material I have on hand, something I see, or my need for a gift. My favorite quilts are scrap quilts.

I do not write my patterns down. I calculate the math on scrap paper, then throw them out. I guess if I plan to have any more patterns published I better do a better job of record keeping. I was born and raised in St. Marys, PA and moved to Cambridge, MA, seven years ago to become a full time grandma to my 6 grandchildren.

Joan Ballard (issue 3/2018)

I was introduced to the world of quilting about 20 years ago. With each quilt, I tried a new technique, pattern, or fabric line. I loved them all. Soon my stash started to grow. I was already working full time, and once my two boys were in college, I applied for a part time job at a local quilt shop, on a whim. For the past 12 years, I have continued to work my full-time and part-time jobs while I have also been teaching classes at the quilt shop. Recently I purchased a long-arm machine and have started my own quilting business.

I am a self-taught knitter who loves to cook, relax at our lake house, and most of all, spend time with my family who have always supported me and given me their honest opinions.

Quilting has opened up a whole new world for me, and over the years I have met so many wonderful people, many of whom have become good friends. For that I am forever grateful.

My designs have been published in the books Quilted Gifts from Your Scraps & Stash (DRG), Baby Bright Quilts (Leisure Arts), The Quilt Pattern Magazine, and Quilter’s World Magazine.

Alma Barkman (issue 4/2018)

After each member of the family gradually left the nest, I had no one to sew for except myself. Upon experiencing “middle age spread,” I decided quilting would be easier than altering patterns, which I hate doing. I have not been disappointed, since quilting gives me a creative outlet without all the hassle of trying to fit my bulges! You can see dozens of my quilts on my website: www.almabarkman.com.

Anna Branch (issue 10/2018)

Anna Branch is an avid quilter who, with her husband and little dog, is enjoying the benefits of country living. She has been a writer for many years and is currently being published in the Almaguin News and in Quilter's Connection Magazine. You can read more about her life in the maple bush on her blog. Anna also has a web site where you can see her patterns, get tutorials, and enter her contests.


Bev Crouse (issue 10/2018)

A third-generation quilter, Bev grew up with quilts, literally, in rural Prince Edward Island, Canada. She developed a love of fabrics and colours at an early age and never wavered.

From the time she got her first sewing machine (a gift from hubby on their first Christmas), she sewed dresses, doll clothes, bathing suits and tailored suits but was always ready for a new sewing adventure.

The 1980s brought quilts into Bev’s life. It all started at a workshop with a traditional patchwork sampler quilt. She has since stitched, designed, taught, and played with all shapes, sizes, and techniques. Primarily self-taught, Bev is fascinated with computer design — a perfect match for this self- confessed technique and gadget junkie.

Bev enjoys the view from Moose Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Donna D'Amelio (issue 11/2017)

I have been quilting since 2003, the same year I retired from work. I was a graphic artist and website manager. After I retired, I missed designing and the work associated with graphic design. My mom and sister were quilters, and both encouraged me to take up quilting. I loved the hands-on aspect of quilting but what I really liked was designing my own quilts. My first designs were done in Photoshop and on drafting paper. Then, a few years ago, I discovered EQ (Electric Quilt). I really enjoy designing with it, but still like to dabble on paper as well.

Elizabeth DeMoo (issue 6/2018)

Hello, my name is Elisabeth DeMoo. I am a graphic designer by trade with a degree in visual communications. I learned to sew when I was 9 years old from my 4-H sewing leader, who is also my mom. I started quilting in 1999, and ever since that first quilt I have not been able to stop. I started my own blog called brownbirddesings.com. There I strive to create fresh and modern quilts by breaking apart techniques to show how fun and easy quilting can be. I hope to inspire quilters at every level. I try to cultivate our quilting community through news, challenges, and giveaways.


Carol Dockery (issue 1/2018)

I am the daughter of a Home Economics teacher and I've been sewing, quilting, and crafting my entire life. For over 25 years as a software professional, I squeezed my quilting passion into those few hours after dinner was done and before I collapsed for the night - hence my nickname, Quilter by Night.

I started converting years of handmade gifts into patterns and in 2009, Quilter by Night Designs was born. My mission is to promote the art of patchwork and quilting through all my designs and bring fun, unique, and useful patterns to quilters and sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

And, oh yes, I actually like to write patterns! I like to read, edit, and test them too!

Carol Dockery is the owner and designer behind Quilter by Night Designs. She lives in Los Altos, California with her two wonderful sons and very loving (and tolerant) husband.


Judy Duke (issue 12/2017)

hanks to my mother and my very supportive husband, I began quilting about 26 years ago. Later, I proclaimed that I would never do appliqué because it was too time consuming. Little did I know how wrong I was! After having enjoyed quilting as a hobby for two decades and using various techniques for piecing and appliqué, I decided to share my passion with others and opened Joyous Applique Designs in August of 2012.

I design both wool and fusible appliqué patterns that I use in teaching classes and guild program presentations.

My patterns can be purchased through my website, www.JoyousAppliqueDesigns.com, where you can also sign-up to receive a newsletter when new patterns become available.

Deanne Eisenman (issue 8/2018)

I began my pattern design company, Snuggles Quilts, in May of 2003. I have since successfully marketed my patterns to shops around the country from my home based business in Osage, Iowa. I have been quilting for almost 30 years and have been designing quilt patterns about that long. Those patterns range from pillows and table runners to wall hangings and lap quilts. My patterns are displayed at my shop on www.snugglesquilts.com.

My first book, Country-Fresh Quilts, was published by Martingale & Company in August 2008. In February 2011 my second book with Martingale, Scrap Quilts Go Country, was released. My third book, Blooming Patchwork, with Kansas City Star Books (now C&T Publishing), was released in July 2014 and is still available.

Working at home in my studio has been a dream come true. I love the entire process in developing a pattern. Seeing a project emerge from the initial drawings on graph paper to a finished quilt is what keeps my days interesting!

Valerie Franzese (issue 10/2018)

I have been a professional cellist, cello teacher, and artist my entire adult life. When I turned 60 (2010), I decided I’d better start working on my bucket list. I had never quilted, and making a quilt entirely by hand was on my list. I figured if I made a sampler quilt with half-pieced and half-appliqué 6" blocks that by the time I finished, I would have a good idea of how to make a quilt. I fell in love with quilting!!!

Sandra Healy (issue 1/2018)

I learned to sew as a child and have never stopped sewing since! After years of dressmaking, I made my first quilt when my eldest child was born, sewing one block each day while he took his nap!

For several years, I ran an online company designing and selling personalized pillows. Design was my true love however and in Autumn 2016 I launched my own patterns. My designs are usually quickish projects with a scrappy, whimsical feel.

You can check out my latest designs, tutorials, and blog at www.sandrahealydesigns.com.

Jeanne Hewell-Chambers (issue 9/2018)

Stained and torn frilly little girl dresses; gloves and aprons; and cloth and clothing received from those who just don’t know what to do with them bring Jeanne Hewell-Chambers to tears. Rescuing other women’s unfinished textile projects, wearing skirts that flit and earrings that dangle, and seeing what others have created from cloth makes her smile. Southern to the bone, she lives and breathes, attracts and collects, sees and senses stories. She writes them - witnesses them - performs them - and stitches them.

Big, fat, crazy ideas are no stranger to Jeanne, and she’s been known to whip out a pen and give her ideas to fictional women to see too. This time, however, Jeanne chose to push her own sleeves up and breath the big, fat, crazy idea called The 70273 Project into life, and oh my goodness, what a life-changing, astonishing experience it has been. www.The70273Project.org

Belinda Jones (issue 9/2018)

Watching her great-grandmother tat, crochet, and quilt inspired Belinda Jones’ interest in the sewing arts at an early age. Great-grandmother Corkran advised Belinda to keep her hands busy, and she has followed that advice, never failing to leave home without a bag containing some sort of hand-sewing project inside.

Becoming interested in quilting in her early twenties, Belinda spent a week with her paternal grandmother learning how to hand piece. With the help of family members, her first quilt top was hand quilted on a frame in her grandmother's living room. This first attempt at quilting led Belinda to take quilting classes in piecing, appliqué, and color application.

Today, Belinda enjoys all types of sewing including heirloom smocking, home decoration, quilting, and children’s clothing. She enjoys the challenge of designing her own quilts, especially those using scrappy, reproduction fabrics. Along with her own quilting designs, she has created patterns for 18" dolls. Belinda and her husband Steve live in Monroe, LA.

Connie Kaufman (issue 10/2018)

Connie is a quilter/designer/author living in Nappanee, Indiana. She has a love of color and design and enjoys creating a wide variety of projects. Many of her patterns appear in books and magazines. She has published 6 books: Piecefully Amish, 24 Kids Quilt Blocks, 24 Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam Quilt Blocks, The Scrap Savers Solution Book, Put Some Charm in Your Quilts, and Little Gems.

Visit her website and blog at:

Sharon Kirkpatrick (issue 12/2017)

I’ve sewn since I was 6, and quilted for about 30 years. I taught quilting for over 20 of those years. One of my classes was designed to teach quilting to those who had never sewn. It is a challenge to try to explain why a seam allowance is needed! For my classes, I designed patterns to help with teaching new and different techniques, as well as to instill a knowledge of how quilting began, and some of the history of the craft.

While with the QuiltDesigners group on Yahoo, I became aware of the need for a good pattern-testing community to support and complement designing. That’s how the QuiltPatternTester group, which has been mentioned in Quilter’s Home Magazine, came into being in 2005, and grew from a few quilting teachers and designers to over 250 members, producing new designers along the way.

I am really excited about this ezine, which represents the best of hi-tech blending with a craft that dates back to before King Menes. Quilters are great at blending the two.


Selina Kuyp (issue 1/2018)

I am a self-taught quilter and I have been on this incredible quilting journey since 2009. Since the beginning I have searched and tried countless techniques, spent hours learning new vocabulary and information pertaining to fabric, thread, block assembly, and stitching. My main goal was to get my quilt tops completed and the prettier they were, the better! I soon realized that I also needed to focus on getting the tops quilted! That process in itself became a whole separate journey of learning.

I currently switch between piecing frenzies, where I will cut and assemble patchwork tops in varying difficulties, to quilting weeks where I want nothing more than to sit and free-motion quilt for hours. It is through this cycle that I have developed a love of both piecing and quilting, both of which are very integral to this craft.

For all new quilters, or those who ask me about making a quilt, I say, “Just do it!” Pick something and start. Will there be mistakes? Of course! You cannot learn anything new if you don’t make mistakes. So quilt on!

Jaci Lawson (issue 10/2018)

When I was 9 , I saw a knitted bikini in a magazine. I thought, “I can do that!” I've been creating ever since, and my projects tend to ensnare husband, family, and unsuspecting friends.

An art quilter from Dover, NH, I made my first quilt in 2009. My quilts have since been shown in local art exhibits, local and regional quilt shows, and a local craftsman outlet. I have also designed other craft projects, including a luggage tag design published in Quilts and More, Summer 2011, and have given demonstrations on art quilting techniques, fabric collage, and other art techniques, including a 3-D challenge at the Cocheco Quilt Guild Art Bee, of which I am a founding member. I am currently working with a partner to create Zentangle®-style embroidery designs.

My greatest achievement is living happily with the same husband for over 30 years, despite dragging him into every home and garden project I could dream up. He lives in fear of 5 words: “Honey, I have an idea!” We have 3 extraordinary daughters and 3 exceptional grandchildren. Truly, the Lord has been good to us and blessed our home.

Valerie Le Pont (issue 7/2018)

My name is Valerie Le Pont, and I have been married to Jean Le Pont for 47 years. We have two daughters, seven grandchildren, and one precious great granddaughter, Paisley. We have lived in Derby, KS, since 1986 when my husband retired from the Air Force after 20 years.

I have been sewing since I was 12 years old. I made all my clothes when I was in school. After our marriage, I began making new lines of clothes - maternity clothes and then baby clothes. Having daughters, there were then prom dresses and wedding gowns.

I started quilting in 1992. A friend and I took a class together and it started us on a whole new adventure. We quilted together for over 20 years. We were each other’s critic yet still best friends. After she passed away, Peggy’s Angels was formed and all quilts were donated to charitable causes. Now I quilt for great grandchildren.

Joanne Maner (issue 3/2018)

I started quilting in March 2006 when I joined a guild. In September of that year, I entered five quilts in our guild show and won my first blue ribbon. I started testing for TQPM in 2014 and love the entire process. Quilting is my passion; fabric and patterns, my inspiration.

Isobel Meekins (issue 4/2018)

I have enjoyed sewing and doing other crafts since childhood. In 1993, I caught the quilting bug and have been addicted ever since. After over 10 years as a middle school special education teacher, I moved on to teaching quilting classes for local and state quilt guilds, numerous quilt shops, and the Newport News Department of Parks and Recreation in Newport News, Virginia. In addition to teaching, I write my own simple-to-follow quilt patterns, organize quilting events and trips including an annual quilt retreat in Capon Springs, West Virginia, and work for various quilting vendors and pattern designers. My motto is, "Quilting should be fun and relaxing!"

Veronica Norris (issue 8/2018)

I used to be a pony breeder/trainer, but in 2009 we had to sell all the ponies and move. Without them, I was getting bored and needed a hobby. I remembered learning how to quilt with my grandmother when I was very young. In May 2013, I “returned to” quilting. I am self taught from books and magazines. I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back. I love being able to create using fabric. I also design with the help of EQ7.

Kitty Pearl (issue 5/2018)

Kitty Pearl writes quilt stories, poems, and patterns. You can follow Pearl’s posts on her blog, Road Home Quilting.

Pearl’s first quilt book, 9 Lives: A Quilt’s Tale, is nine short stories telling the life of one quilt.

Pearl says, “I was always enamored of quilts, but I never believed I would have the skill level to create one. I still remember that magical day in 10th grade geometry class when I learned to bisect angles and divide squares into triangles. I thought, ‘This must be how quilts are built!’” Now Pearl enjoys sharing these practical math solutions with her quilting students.

Pearl also likes canning, which she learned from her Grandmother. So along with pattern design news, you’ll find original recipes on our Road Home Quilting blog. You can find Pearl’s ten original recipe jams at KittyPearlsEmporium.Etsy.com.

Did you know Road Home Quilting patterns are also available in wholesale sets for shops, fundraisers, workshops, and craft parties?



Bonny Peters (issue 8/2018)

Bonny started sewing almost fifty years ago but did not start quilting until 2012. On a whim, she decided to try her hand and quickly became addicted to the myriad of fabrics available. Santa brought her Electric Quilt 7 that year and she has been designing quilts ever since. Since retiring in June 2013, Bonny has devoted many hours to designing and quilting. December 2015 began a new adventure for her with the launch of Cat Den Mountain Quilts. Her goal is to sell enough patterns to supplement her fabric budget.

Bonny lives with her husband of thirty-plus years in the woods of southwestern New Hampshire. They retired from the Tampa Bay area of Florida. They have many pets, although none indoors. Their outdoor pets include many mammals, birds and amphibians. Notable among these are a bobcat, scarlet tanagers, and spotted newts.


Karen Saari (issue 6/2018)

I’m a lover of all things textile, from quilts to garments, and from sweaters to ribbons. Learning to sew when I was 9 at my local 4-H Club set me on a journey which, so far, has no end. I was married to a wonderful man, who recently lost his battle with liver cancer. After that, I moved from MO to ID to be closer to my family. Between us, we have 7 children, and 15 grandchildren. I am working from home, as the Editor of this magazine, sewing doll clothes for a large company, and writing another book. I recently enrolled in a university online program where I’ll earn my BA in Creative Writing, hoping to further my writing career. I'm a quilt designer and I have learned couture sewing and patternmaking. I knit and crochet, and love to hit the thrift stores, yard sales and auctions looking for treasures of all kinds. I’m happy to be included on this journey with The Quilt Pattern Magazine.


Nancy Scott (issue 4/2018)

I’m an author, designer, and teacher who loves being crafty. Growing up in a family of “makers”, I’m a proud DIY / MIY enthusiast. My current favorites include sewing and quilting, refinishing antiques, chalk painting, and photography. In 2006, I changed careers from the academia / corporate world and started my business Masterpiece Quilting, LLC where I was a sales representative and certified trainer for Gammill / Statler. My business evolved to specialize in long-arm quilting, show quilts, and custom-made memory quilts.

In 2012, I submitted my first design to a magazine for publication. It was accepted and my calling was found that day! Since then, I have sold over 50 designs to publications and fabric companies. I’ve established myself as a leading author and instructor for creating with sentimental textiles through my top-selling book T-shirts, Memories & More along with DVD’s on T-shirt quilting and restyling vintage quilts. Right now I’m working on another book and launching my own line of quilt patterns.

Ivy Mukherjee Sen (issue 10/2018)

I live in Huntington Beach, CA with my husband, but my home is Allahabad, India. I would like to thank my husband Dr. Soumitro Sen for his motivation and encouragement.

I started hand quilting while my husband was in graduate school. Then in 2014 we moved to Greenville, NC. I joined a formal quilting guild there and started machine quilting. My first quilt was a twin size quilt for my mother-in-law in India. The members of Greenville Quilters Guild in North Carolina guided and motivated me to create a number of quilts. From 2014 to early 2017, I quilted over 45 quilts. My mentor Norma Stiles Nabut helped me throughout the year and shared her expertise. I am also grateful to her for her invaluable guidance throughout the process. In 2016 we moved to southern California. I joined another guild, Quilters by the Sea.

It is my dream to excel in the fiber art world by designing and using my own fabrics and creating quilts that reflect the bright flair of India, the free styling whimsy of California, and the “southern comfort” of North Carolina.

Noémi Sziva (issue 8/2018)

I live with my family in Budapest. I am currently in high school. I love reading and drawing. (I even had drawing and painting classes when I was younger.) I have never sewn although I often help my mother with choosing colors for her quilts. Once I started to sketch a series of planets with personalities. (When I was younger, I was very interested in space and planets and used the knowledge to create personalities for the design.) Some of them have too many details, but others can be sewn. Plútó was one of them.

Zsuzsanna Sziva (issue 8/2018)

I started quilting in 2013 when I took a class in the heat of the moment. I was hooked immediately. In 2016 I bumped into the possibility of testing for TQPM. I love the inspiring and encouraging community around this magazine. While I tested a couple of patterns for TQPM, I sewed many other patterns too. Usually I modified them slightly following my own ideas. Maybe these were the first steps of designing a pattern. The other inspiration was seeing my daughter’s drawings about planets. Some of them are really great for appliqué. I chose Plútó and his friends as a base of my first pattern. I live in Budapest (Hungary) with my supportive husband and two wonderful kids.

Jennifer Varney (issue 5/2018)

Jennifer started her journey into quilting in 2004 and credits her mother-in-law for urging her into the hobby since Jennifer liked looking at her mother-in-law’s quilts and fabric stash. The elder Mrs. Varney bought Jennifer a four-week introduction to quilting class at a quilt shop for her birthday, and the flame was lit! By the time her first quilt was pieced, Jennifer was already planning fabrics for her next quilt. She was never shy in deviating from printed patterns and was soon mixing elements of one pattern or block with another. Jennifer entered a quilt in the 2008 Maine Quilt Show and immediately was contacted by an interested buyer. She lamented the decision for a day before deciding to sell it. Her husband assured her that she could make another quilt even prettier. Since then, Jennifer has earned one first place ribbon and two second place ribbons in her local quilt show and has made scores of quilts to give away, sell, and use at home.

Jennifer lives in New Hampshire with her husband and son.

She opened an Etsy shop in 2011. www.etsy.com/shop/PeachPalaceDesigns

Shari Williams (issue 9/2018)

After inheriting my mother’s sewing machine in 2000, I taught myself to sew. Inspired by my grandmother’s star quilt and kaleidoscopes, I used graph paper to draw patterns. I have designed, sewn, and sold over 500 quilts on Ebay (SewCrafty-2008) since 2008.

Being self taught, I consider myself an amateur in designing easy quilt patterns.

In addition to The Quilt Pattern Magazine, I have been or will be featured in McCalls Quilting November 2017, Quiltmakers 100 Blocks - Volume 16, American Quilter July 2018, and Modern Patchwork September 2018.


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