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With the weather still chilly in the Northern hemisphere, this month we bring you Frosty Nights by Karen Gass.

Optical illusions in quilts are fun but sometimes complicated to achieve. Not so with Let’s Weave a Quilt by Barbara Douglas.

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background quilt made by Julyn Watkins and quilted by Virginia Gore 
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Here, at The Quilt Pattern Magazine, our mission is to bring you high-quality, tested, patterns from designers, plus unique quilting articles from writers around the globe.

The content of our articles varies. It includes book reviews, techniques, quilter's thoughts, quilter's stories, stories from a quilt husband's perspective, and more.

We are dedicated to showcasing designers' patterns while preserving their styles, their methodologies, and their individual voices. This includes their regional spellings and local color. You won't see patterns shoehorned into a particular format, nor unique techniques superseded by truncated "standard practices". Instead, we faithfully reproduce the designers' techniques and methods as closely as possible. After all, with respect to their designs, they are the experts!

Whether you are looking for a quick weekend project, a monthly BOM to make, a new pattern, a tutorial on a new technique, or a challenge, our unique approach will expand your creative horizons.

What You Will Get

More patterns and quilting articles for your money is just one example of what you will get with your subscription. Since The Quilt Pattern Magazine is digital, there are no printing or shipping costs like those associated with other magazines. We pass those savings on to you, the quilter. Ads do appear in the magazine, but their number is far smaller than in other publications.

With your subscription, you will receive monthly issues with no less than five new patterns. Other features included will be a variety of articles, tutorials, book reviews and more.

Your subscription gives you instant access to magazine issues, from the day of their release to two months afterwards. You can download the magazine to your computer, and print the associated pattern templates in PDF format. You can also view the magazine online during this time.

Once downloaded, you can read the magazine on your computer at any time. You can also print the entire magazine, or just selected pages.

All pattern templates are provided in PDF format for accuracy of printing. Since there are no space limits, templates do not overlap one another the way they do in other publications, making them very easy to read. Also, templates for different patterns are not mixed together on the same page, so you can easily print only the templates you need. You can also print multiple templates, when needed (e.g. foundation piecing).

As a subscriber, you have access to Pattern Pastiche, The Quilt Pattern Magazine's online community. At Pattern Pastiche you can connect with other quilters, share your thoughts and hints, "show-and-tell" pictures of your projects, create your own page, ask questions, and chat. You can also meet the magazine's staff, get help if you need it, or just say, "Hello."

The Quilt Pattern Magazine is GREEN

The Quilt Pattern Magazine uses a very straight-forward formatting, which allows us to feature designers' patterns without competition from extra graphics, backgrounds and prints. This is of special benefit as it enables you to print using a minimal amount of ink, without unnecessary use of ink colors. Better for the environment, plus an added savings for you!

The Quilt Pattern Magazine is the "green, environmentally friendly" way to go. Just think of all the trees that won't be cut down! Yes, quilters will print the patterns they want to make, but that's a far cry from printing and publishing every page of the magazine for every subscriber. We will not eliminate the use of paper, but we will decrease it considerably and save countless trees.

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